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Meet Fat Cat

Hi ! I’m Meryl – proud owner of Fat Cat Pet Sitters.  As owner and sitter, I’m the only one to be caring for your cats.  with 27 years of experience, you know I must love what I do.  I’ve taken care of all kinds of kitties through the years – funny felines, feisty felines, fancy and friendly ones too, and if they go with Fat Cat, fortunate felines.  What kind do you have ?  I love them all.  That’s   me – all about kitties all of the time !!  Our service is filled with sweet and loving pets.  Make sure you check out our favorite professionals on Favorite People.  And now, let me introduce to you – The Family



Bling & Laddie



Baby J Jordan

Baby J Jordan

Our Favorite People

Dr Dena Jersild
Rivendell Veterinary
Chiropractic & Accupuncture
630.868.6770 Winfield

Dr Zollinger
Animal Medical Clinic of Wheaton
630.668.3700 Wheaton
Excellent care for nervous and frightened kitties

Golf Rose Animal Hospital
Emergency is open 24/7
847.885.3344 Schaumburg

Motif Grooming
847.695.5570 Elgin

And follow the exciting adventures of Bling, Laddie, and feline siblings on our Blog