Bling & Laddie

 Bling – what am i listening to ?
Suri – Grooving on a Sunday Afternoon
Bling – how about something faster, that i could dance to
Siri – up next – These Paws are Made for Walking – you’ll love the guitar part
Bling – do you think the blue matches my fur ?
Siri – you look incredible !!


Hi Bling !  i’m your new friend, Laddie.  you asked for a cheese head of your very own, and here i am.   a cute, furry blue shadow.  i’ve noticed you have very big teeth.  they really show up when you smile.  i’m glad you are so happy i’m here !


Bling – I think he should be trained & more responsible before he tries jumping on my head.
Laddie – your head was blocking my view from the patio. I missed the geese in the park.
Bling – stop eating my food
Laddie – stop eating my food
Bling – when we play, I win
Laddie – when we play, you cheat


Bling here. my life is just exhausting. with that, laddie thing. i asked for a companion, and now i’m being told this is all my responsibility. i’m supposed to train him, talk to him if he’s lonely. really ? with 6 thousand toys ? i have one kong. i have simple taste. i put my paw down on the 3am potty break, let the humans handle it. i’m sound asleep then. laddie can be fun to play with, but he keeps growing. and growing. does this ever end ?

Bling has started a support group for adult dogs dealing with puppy stress. If you are an adult dog dealing with the little puppy pests jumping all over you, stealing your food,chewing on your head, and just need to bark out your frustrations with an understanding friend, please contact Bling. 
 Bling here. well, the worst has happened. not only can laddie do steps now, his leaping skills are remarkable. I’m so stressed. I think I need someone to get me a plain Whopper with cheese, small fries, and a Coors Light. I am watching my figure. ???
Laddie – gee, Blingy, having a bad hair day ?!!!!
Bling – shut up
Laddie – i sit and get treats
Bling – i stand and get treats, sitting crushes my beautiful fur
Laddie – i have beautiful blue fur
Bling – you have fuzz. you can hardly compare that to me
Laddie – well, at least i don’t curl in the rain.
Bling – go to your blanket Laddie. and take your toys off my couch.
Laddie – i like your curls Blingy. and that wind blown look on top of your head. OK, i’m going !!!!!
Bling – Hi Laddie. I see you got extra treats again !
Laddie – It’s my perfect sit Blingy. You need to try this more often.
Bling – it wrinkles my fur. I’ve noticed no one called you Laddie-Leave It-Good Boy for at least 3 hours.
Laddie – I’m pacing myself ?
Bling – Impressive
Laddie – wow Blingy. Like that’s the nicest thing you’ve said to me.
Bling – I’m in my Ommmmm Zone
Laddie – Can I come to the zone ?
Bling – NO ! I might lose my complimentary edge.
Laddie – Ommmm Ommmmm Ommmmmm
Bling – I’m losing it Laddie
Laddie – Ommmmm Ommmm Ommmmm
Bling – %%#%*€¥%#^**
Laddie – Mmmmooommmmm
Hi Everyone ! I would like to introduce you to my favorite toy, besides Bling’s head. Meet Flat Squirrel ? and he can talk to me. he’s a lot of fun and he’s portable so I can carry him anywhere. he’s not too good at coming when I call him. so I have to fetch him.  pretty much the same as mom does with me. I know she’s calling me, but I can’t just drop everything, like the blinds I’m chewing on ? that’s hard, but might be worth it as I always get a cookie. I’m taller than Bling now, but standing on her back and chewing her ears is still great fun. she’s still my big, but looking smaller, great sister. ?? Love, Laddie