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“There’s nothing more terrifying than having to find a new pet sitter.  So I am unbelievably lucky that I came across Fat Cat Pet Sitters.  I have an older cat who was  taken care of by close friends when we traveled.  But when they had their third child, we didn’t want to saddle them with our cat.  And our cat’s terror of vets made boarding out of the question.  We saw the ad for Fat Cat in the local village newsletter, interviewed her over the phone and had our new sitter.  That was a few years ago now and we could not be happier.  Now, even if we’re only away for a weekend, we’ll have her stop by, and when we get home – short trip or long – our cat is so much more relaxed and we’re forgiven for our abandonment much more quickly.  Unless you have a cat, you can’t really appreciate the power of feline disdain. Of kitty contempt.  Having a pet sitter we can trust utterly, who spends time hanging with our senior pet, and who definitely makes a difference we can see when we get home is priceless. 

And as that goes, price-wise, I’m paying on par with what I paid before I moved here, which is more than reasonable.  Don’t settle for someone who doesn’t come with a pet sitting pedigree:  The woman who runs – who is – Fat Cat is insured, she has a long history in the same business in my area, and she has a network of long time sitters she works with for coverage if she’s unavailable for any part of our sitting term. And it’s rare that she’s ever unavailable.  In all the years we’ve worked with Fat Cat, that’s only happened once, and the woman who covered did an equally great job with our pet, and she had an equally strong reputation and history.

When you’re giving someone responsibility for you pet AND access to your home while you’re away,  trust is the most important factor.  Despite being anxious people, we have no reservations about Fat Cat Pet Sitters and only the highest praise.”       Marie – Bartlett

“Meryl and I met back in 1995, when we were both pet sitters.  She has taken care of my animals since then and is a credit to the profession —  dependable, trustworthy and she LOVES what she does.  She has even gone above and beyond the call of duty — checking on my basement for possible flooding while we were out of town, and reporting in that all was well.  That peace of mind is priceless” !      Barb – Bartlett

“WOW what can I say, I am so pleased we found Meryl. we were going on a road trip for 3 weeks and we needed someone to watch our 3 cats. Meryl came over introduced herself to our kitties, which made me feel good. the kitties loves her. while we were gone she took pictures of the kitties and sent them to us, to let us know they were ok and in their normal routine. It was so nice because they were in their own home and she would come in feed play and do litter boxes. She is such a wonderful person and loves cats and makes your time away more enjoyable know that they are cared for with love. Than you so much. You will not be disappointed.  We love you Meryl”       Mik B – Bartlett

“There is not enough I can say about Meryl and Fat Cat Pet Sitters.   Our male cat, Smokey, is 18 years old and yes, he is very spoiled.    We lost his brother almost two years ago and we don’t like to leave him alone for more than a day or two at a time when we travel.  She takes such good care of him, giving him extra love and attention when we are gone.   She texts me photos of him napping in her lap, so I know he is content.    We recently traveled outside the US for two weeks and we did not worry one minute because we knew he was in loving hands.    We highly recommended Fat Cat   Pet Sitters and are so glad we found her.”       Ann – Bartlett

“I got incredibly lucky with Meryl and Fat Cat Pet Sitters. Husband and I were going on a 15 day vacation trip across the Atlantic and the notion of leaving my kitties behind made me feel restless and incredibly uneasy. I wasn’t sure what to do. When I found Fat Cat Pet Sitters (pretty close to me) and spoke to Meryl, I just knew I found someone who will look after my furbabies. We talked few times on the phone, arranged a meeting, she came over and we were able to discuss everything and anything. While we were away, she would message me every two, three days about the cats (I have 3), just to let me know what they’ve been up to, she’ll send you photos, bring mail in, play with them little. I was truly able to enjoy my trip knowing she was looking after them. I will be using Meryl in the future when we travel again. You can just tell she loves cats and they love her back :)”     Jovana

“I wanted to express my gratitude to Fat Cat Pet Sitters, for taking such good care for my 5 cats while I went to England for 3 weeks.  It was so reassuring knowing that Meryl was coming to care for them twice a day while I was gone for so long.  They were so well cared for and I appreciated that you would keep me up to date on their care and well being while I was away.  I know they really appreciated all the love and attention you gave them and I couldn’t be more  pleased and thankful for your service. I would highly recommend Fat Cat Pet Care to anyone that needs care for their cats.  I couldn’t be happier with their service.”         Joann – Streamwood

“5 Stars for sure !!!!  Fat Cat has been caring for our 2 indoor cats and our outdoor cat for 10 years now.  Our 2 indoor boys are now 14 1/2 years old and I never worry when Meryl from Fat Cat takes care of them.  It is so reassuring to know our boys (especially now that they are older) are in good hands when we are gone.  They love her too !  Can’t say enough good things about Fat Cat Pet Sitters.  Our outdoor feral cat so appreciates his food every morning too !  Meryl is just the best !!!  You definitely know she loves her little furry clients!!!”    Ann – Bartlett

“It’s not everyday you find someone who really cares about your cats as much as you do.  My children have always had four legs and fur.  Over 12 years ago, I started my quest to find a pet sitter and luckily, I found Fat Cat Pet Sitters.  It’s so refreshing to know everything is being taken care of without a worry.  My husband’s job is 100% travel and they always help me out with last minutes trips and always there to answer an email or call about how things are going while I’m gone.  I always find a note when I get home to give me an update on how things went.  Sometimes it’s just the simple note about him curling up on her lap that makes you smile.  I have always been impressed the level of detail and care provided.  It’s such a sense of relief to know that if anything did happen, Fat Cat could handle the emergency.”     Michele – Bloomingdale

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